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        Events and Participants:
    We are proud of the work the students have done and wish them good luck in their competitions! 
    2016-2017 Officers
    President:  Krista Pilling
      Vice President: Shawn Horner
    Secretary:  Suzi Tomlinson
    Treasurer: Lindsey Huber
    Communications:  Mia Macias
    Historian: Shawn Horner and Rhiannon Murdoch-Kalsta
               FCCLA is the only STUDENT LED organization with a major focus on the family.  
    Former FCCLA leaders from our chapter have been very successful.  Examples:  members with full ride scholarships to college, Peace Corps Volunteer, Governor Appointee to Idaho Commission on Volunteerism, youth pastor, intern with Bill Clinton Foundation, Masters in Finance, Lawyer, and many more with successful careers and families.  By these students own testimonies, their FCCLA experiences were instrumental in helping them to achieve these life successes.